Airport Mesa

Mast View from Airport Mesa

Photo compliments Mike Koopsen

The spiritual energy of Airport Mesa is a quiet, yet resonating hum as opposed to the more electrified vibrations of such spots as Bell Rock or Schnebly Hill. Do not let the peaceful gentleness of this sacred site fool you however, Airport Mesa is considered by many to be one of the most powerful vortexes in Sedona and is a must see destination for anyone hoping to experience their mystical powers.

Perhaps it is fate that the serenity of Airport Mesa is so easy to get to. Travelers rushing from airport to hotel, tourist attraction to amusement park, are often anxious and in need of rejuvenation. A stop at Airport Mesa is the perfect way to decompress as you take in the wonders of the vibrant panoramic sky and feel the tension drain from your body.

Airport Mesa is considered an inflow vortex, with the power to draw energy into the earth. It is known as a spot for introspection and deep personal reflection. Visitors report a sense of relief and calm after spending some time on the rocks here, and leave with a renewed sense of purpose. Inflow vortexes are perfect for quiet meditation, solitary prayer, and a reconnecting with the soul.

Airport Mesa’s energy levels are said to be their highest at both sunrise and sunset and the color display that fills the horizon during these critical energy times is a Sedona tourist attraction in itself. Vivid reds and yellows streak across the dusky sky, moving almost in concert with the slow, resonating power that vibrates through the rock. If you want to experience the spiritual power of a Sedona vortex without being overwhelmed or rushed off your feet, a stop at Airport Mesa is right for you.

Directions To Airport Mesa.

To get to Airport Mesa, take Highway 179 past the Village of Oak Creek until you reach the Sedona “Y”. Turn left at the “Y” onto West Highway 89A. Airport Road will be on your left. Follow Airport Road until you reach the dirt parking lot on your left. An easy trail to the left of the parking lot will take to you to the vortex site in under five minutes.