Bell Rock: Popular Upflow Vortex

Bell Rock Sedona, Arizona


Rising out of the mesa just beyond the Village of Oak Creek, Bell Rock stands as one of the more formidable vortexes in the Sedona area. Because of its topography, jutting from the earth as if trying to escape its inextricable hold, Bell Rock is considered an upflow vortex, spiraling energy up through its center and out in the world.

Upflow vortexes are sometimes referred to as electric vortexes and as such, Bell Rock is reported to produce sensations of empowerment. A visit to Bell Rock can help you soar to new heights by channeling the earth’s energy into and through you, helping you to soar to new heights and take on challenges that might previously have seemed beyond your reach.

There is no marked trail up the side of Bell Rock however there are plenty of worn paths, made smooth by visitors who have come before, that lead up the sides of this vortex. It is the perfect spot to spread a blanket and read a book, enjoy a picnic lunch or simply take a nap while you absorb the energy spiraling around you.

Hiking To The Top of Bell Rock.

The more adventurous visitor might want to try climbing to the top of Bell Rock. There are a few routes accessible that will lead you close to the top, including one that begins just beyond the parking area. Follow the trail until it seems to disappear then begin curving to the right, directly toward the center of the Bell. Follow this route until you reach a smooth wash that will take you almost to the top. There will be a few moments of hard climbing, using toe holds and pulling yourself up, but if you are a fairly active hiker you should be able to make the climb in about twenty minutes.

From the top you can experience the full power of the vortex, as many believe the energy grows stronger on its way into the universe. Feel free to shout a prayer, make an acclamation, or profess your deepest secrets. The power of the vortex will magnify your thoughts and words and whether you believe they are on their way to God or simply out into the cosmos for the elements to hear, the experience of exclaiming them from Bell Rock will remain with you forever.

Directions To Bell Rock.

To get to Bell Rock follow Highway 179 just past the Village of Oak Creek. Bell Rock will be on your right. Drive past Bell Rock and the parking lot will be on your right, with the foot path leading to the vortex at the end of the lot on the right.