Boynton Canyon

Boynton Canyon Trail

They say good things come to those who wait, and the 90 minute hike deep into Boynton Canyon is no exception. Intrepid hikers who make the trip through scrub brush and manzanita before entering a juniper forest will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the Canyon atop a stone mesa that also believed to be one of the most healing and rejuvenating vortexes in the world.

The open topography of the canyon creates an inflow vortex, where the negative energies of the earth and its peoples are drained and cleansed. Visitors here experience feelings of peace, calm, and deep personal connection. It is the perfect spot for meditation, song, quiet reflection or simply taking a deep breath and letting the beauty of the valley below sink in. Boynton Canyon has long been the site of Native American ritual, and one trip deep into the cool, green recesses of the canyon and you will understand why.

As you make your way up the four mile long trail, you traverse first through desert terrain, with crimson buttes and orange cliffs, before entering the higher elevations of ponderosa pine and ground covered with vibrantly bursting wildflowers. As you climb higher still, the view of the red rocks of Sedona below you is stunning. The scene is framed by boughs of green garland pine makes for the perfect picture spot.

It is the length of the canyon that contributes to the profound spiritual energy found here. Moving deeper into the canyon and further from the pressures of “real life”, visitors can expect to emerge relaxed and restored, just as the native peoples have been doing for thousands of years.

Directions To Boynton Canyon.

Although the hike round trip can take three hours or more, the vortex experience at Boynton Canyon is something you won’t want to miss. You can reach the trail head by taking Highway 179 past the Village of Oak Creek to the Sedona “Y”. Turn left at the “Y” onto Highway West 89A and follow it until you reach Dry Creek Road. Follow it until it dead ends and then make a left. When this road dead ends make a right. The parking lot is on your right and the trailhead is immediately past the parking area.

Boynton Canyon Trail Map.