Cathedral Rock

Photo by Mike Koopsen

Perhaps no where is the spiritual power of Sedona as strong as at Cathedral Rock. The vortex located here sits between two large spires that rise out of the earth like a mighty cathedral and there are plenty of hiking trails, vantage points and resting ledges from which to soak up the energy emanating from deep within the ground.

Formed of both red sandstone and black lava, the steep spires reach tall toward the heavens while the vortex site itself, cone shaped and sitting lower than the highest points of this nature-made desert church, is a simple pile of lava rocks accessible by a tiny foot trail. Because of its multiple geological towers, Cathedral Rock is most definitely considered an upflow vortex, and visitors who proclaim their deepest desires here can expect the energy to carry them out into the world for realization and empowerment. Some vortex experts claim that upflow vortexes like Cathedral Rock also help the individual meet with the divine and experience a transcendence most people only dream about. It is the perfect spot for seeking greater spiritual awareness, new perspectives on old problems and courage to act on your hearts desires.

The energy at Cathedral Rock is extremely powerful, which many attribute to the multiple rock features that soar near vertically from the earth. The vortex is reached by following a narrow trail from the western ledge of the “saddle” that bridges the two main spires and while not difficult, hikers should use caution when climbing up these lava rocks. People especially sensitive to energy might experience a sensation of spinning or even dizziness here.

The views from Cathedral Rock are magnificent. During the peak hours of sunrise and sunset the sky is crimson, with flecks of gold and amber. Off in the distance, nestled deep into the red butte walls visitors can even make out the distinct formation of a cross. Not a mirage, that is the Chapel of the Holy Cross, rising 250 feet out of the ground in its own quest for spiritual power.

Whether you come to Cathedral Rock for its spiritual energy or simply to enjoy the panoramic views and relatively easy hiking, this is one Sedona vortex you won’t want to miss.

Directions To Cathedral Rock

Take Highway 179 past the Village of Oak Creek and Bell Rock. Once you enter the residential area look for a sign on the left that says Back O’ Beyond. Turn left and travel just under a mile to the parking area. The trail to the top of Cathedral Rock is marked with pylons of natural stone and can be a moderately difficult hike in warmer weather. Bring plenty of water and take your time as you ascend one of Sedona’s most popular red rock monoliths and celebrated vortexes in the Sedona area.

View From Cathedral Rock.