The Grand Canyon South Rim

The Most Visited Attraction in Arizona

Photo of Moran Point at the Grand Canyon South Rim
Rainbow Over Moran Point
© Mike Koopsen

The South Rim of The Grand Canyon

Where The Soul Meets The Sky. The sheer awesomeness of this Wold Wonder will amaze you. The Grand Canyon will transcend anything your will ever imagine, yet alone experience. Its breathtaking beauty provokes all that inspires. Averaging about 5,000 feet deep, it is not the deepest canyon in America, but is the most dramatic and spectacular. Yielding an array of color, shapes and texture that took nature almost 18,000,000 years to sculpt, it is vast and massive. Ancient civilizations once lived in the Grand Canyon and left so much evidence of their existence. Stand in awe overlooking any point. In solitude and tranquility, experience the aura past peoples and imagine what life in the Grand Canyon was like for original Native Americans thousands of years ago.

The ethereal faces embedded in the rock and the time-drawn lines come alive with the rising and setting of the Arizona sun. Only fleeting clouds above are large enough to paint their shadows along the walls of these gargantuan cliffs. Jagged layers of multi-colored rock harbor sporadic outcroppings of desert vegetation and keep careful watch over the secrets of the past as they stand sentinel over time. To stand in the midst of this vast canyon of the gods, surrounded by exquisite sculpture and haunting beauty, can awaken the soul. Through a stand of pines, gazing down at the meandering Colorado River, it almost feels as if you are witnessing something very private not meant for public consumption. The water and the rocks seem to speak their very own language, traveling together through time, plotting the course of their infinite visual synergy that makes every view uniquely different.

Picture of Moran Point art the Grand Canyon South Rim

Moran Point © Mike Koopsen
Photo of View from Desert View Lookout at the Grand Canyon

Desert View Overlook © Mike Koopsen

Words Cannot Describe The Grand Canyon

Photos of the Grand Canyon South Rim, compliments of Mike Koopsen capture the true essence of the Canyon. As the cliche implies, each picture replaces thousands of words. Personally standing at one of its many view points will evoke endless thoughts. As the sun rises and descends on its daily voyage, the views magically evolve with ever-changing scenes that reward the senses. Stare into the eyes of creative forces long since past.The South Rim of the Grand Canyon brings mankind in direct contact with all that is truly inspirational to mind, body and soul. The Canyon will bring you in direct contact with all that is truly inspirational.

Picture of Desert View Watchtower at the Grand Canyon South Rim

Desert View Watchtower © Mike Koopsen
Photo of Morn Point at the Grand Canyon

Moran Point © Mike Koopsen

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