Mather Point At The Grand Canyon

The Most Crowded Overlook at Grand Canyon South Rim

Photo of Mather Point
Grand Canyon Mather Point

Mather Point At The South Rim

Mather Point is located near the Grand Canyon Visitor Center  and convenient parking lots. It is the busiest and most crowded of the Grand Canyon South Rim lookout points. With vibrant colored rocks touching painted skies, there isn’t one angle of view that will disappoint. Located just east of Yavapai Point, Mather Point includes much of the same scenery, but with better focus on some of the canyon’s truly majestic features.

What You Will See From Mather Point

Mather Point hosts a myriad of spots from which to observe the grandness of the canyon. Its outcroppings hold two railed overlook points and is located next to the Rim Trail which connects Mather Point with Yavapai Point and the Grand Canyon Historic District. Mather Point provides plenty of great photo opportunities of spectacular views. Over 4000 feet below the south rim, nestled amongst the cottonwood trees, rests Phantom Ranch. The historic site, dating back to 1050 A.D., offers many forms of shelter to those who are lucky enough to get on the (often two-year) waiting list. Accessible only by foot trail, helicopter or river, Phantom Ranch sits near two trail bridges that cross the Colorado River within the Grand Canyon for nearly 200 miles.

As you look back over the horizon, the guardians of the Grand Canyon, Zoroaster and Brahman Temples, and Wotan’s Throne loom tall in the eastern sky. Standing at elevations nearing 8000 feet, these breathtaking formations take on different hues throughout the passing hours, from varying shades of tan and grey in the noonday sun to a velveteen palate of purple, red, and burnt orange as dusk arrives.

From south of the Colorado River, looking west, you can see back to Bright Angel Trail and through the deep expanse of Pipe Creek. Looking east, the South Kaibab Trail running along Cedar Ridge and the O’Neill Butte, comes into view. Facing the North Rim, the focus turns to the lengthy expanse of Bright Angel Creek, filled with ravines, buttes, and other intricately carved formations that help create the splendor of the Grand Canyon.

Where Mather Point is Located

Location of Mather Point

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