Sedona Vortexes Renew Body and Soul

Rejuvenate the Spirit, Restore Health and Provide Clarity of Mind

Photo of Ledge at Cathedral Rock in Sedona AZ

Ledge at Cathedral Rock
© Toshimasa Ishibashi

Sedona Vortexes

In the early days of human history, there was a transcendent power that emanated from the Sedona area, providing spiritual energy, strengthening the resolve and bolstering the hopes of a steadfast native people. From the dry, red rocks of Sedona the Sinagua people were able to coax verdant crops, live in harmony with the land and draw from the earth the necessary materials to create intricate baskets, colorful pottery and beautiful jewelry.

When other communities faltered under the harsh elements of the southwest, these ancient people not only lived, but thrived in their difficult surroundings. Yet, the success of the Sinagua could not be explained in mortal terms and as a result, the legend of Sedona’s mystical, magical and miraculous vortexes was born.

Today that transcendent power is at the heart of Sedona spiritualism. Visitors travel from around the world to experience the power of the vortexes, spiraling marvels of spiritual energy located in and around Sedona that continue to rejuvenate the spirit, restore health and provide clarity of mind.

What is A Vortex?

The term “vortex”, in its scientific definition, refers to a place where everything around it is drawn into its center. A swirling sink full of water drains through a vortex. A dust devil traveling across the Plains is a vortex. Water spouts off the coast are vortexes. In science, the power of the vortex stems from the concentration of energy drawn to the swirling center point. The more energy drawn in, the faster and more powerful the vortex becomes.

However a new generation of practitioners has discovered that vortexes exist in many places across the globe, both radiating and concentrating a deep, almost primeval energy that connects with humanity not on a physical level, but a spiritual one.

Although ancient people experienced the powers of Sedona vortexes for thousands of years, it wasn’t until the late 20th century that their mystical properties were publicized for the entire world to see and experience. It was in 1980 when a psychic medium named Page Bryant first applied the term “vortex”. She felt the spiritual energy that surrounds the valley and believing it to be so strong that it interacted with her deepest level of being she called the area a vortex capable of enhancing prayer, meditation and healing.

The Sedona area gained further fame in 1987 when Sedona was identified as one of the spots critical to the Harmonic Convergence, where New Age spirituality believed the previous age of war, disease and destruction would come to an end and a New Age of health, prosperity, peace and love would begin. Over 5,000 people came to Sedona in August, 1987 for two and a half days of prayer, inspiration and communion with the area’s natural energy, hoping to bring about the dawn of this new era.

Popular Vortex Sites in Sedona

While the entire Valley is a large bowl shape that exhibits vortex properties, there are four distinct sites within the Sedona area that are considered the most significant in terms of energy experience:

Airport Mesa. Located uptown, the views from this vantage point are nearly 360 degrees, inspiring awe and wonder in everyone who visits.

Boynton Canyon. A sacred site for Native American ceremonies for centuries, this vortex is the most challenging to get to, but definitely worth the three hour round trip hike.

Bell Rock. Near the Village of Oak Creek, this red sandstone holy place stands alone in the panorama, channeling so much energy that visitors can almost hear the music emanating deep from within the bell-shaped monument.

Cathedral Rock. Located on Lower Red Rock Loop Road in the heart of the mesa, this monolith reaches toward the heavens, drawing visitors toward something more powerful than themselves.

Photo of Cathedral Rock in Sedona Arizona

Cathedral Rock
© Mike Koopsen

Energy In, Energy Out

Vortex sites experience distinct energy phenomenon, and a visit to one Sedona vortex can be substantially different from a visit to one of the others. Vortexes that rise from the ground, such as monoliths and rock formations are considered upflow vortexes, and pull energy from the earth before sending it out in to the cosmos. Topography that includes valleys, canyons or cliffs with lots of caves however are known as inflow vortexes, and bring energy inward, helping to center and renew the earth.

Visitors to Sedona have reported feeling relaxed, inspired and even physically healed depending on which vortex site they experienced. While the four vortexes mentioned here are significant, the same energy has also been felt at such sacred sites as the Chapel of the Holy Cross, West Fork Oak Creek Trail, and Schnebly Hill. The spiritual energy that surrounds Sedona has been radiating for thousands of years, connecting with and revitalizing the souls of everyone who visits.

Picture of Chapel of The Holy Cross in Sedona AZ

Chapel of The Holy Cross
© Mike Koospen

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