Soft Colorado River Float Photos

From Glen Canyon Dam To Where The Grand Canyon Begins

Photos Along The Colorado River Float

Scenes you will experience on a Soft Colorado River Raft Trip. Don’t worry about the dangers of Class V whitewater rapids. Leaving from the base of Glen Canyon Dam which forms massive Lake Powell, this journey covers about 15 miles of soft-flowing Colorado River water to Lees Ferry. Safe for people of all ages from 4-years-old and above. This float trip takes you through some incredible sights to near where the Grand Canyon begins.

The trip down the Colorado River takes many turns in ever-changing geology scenery. Even towering canyon walls and interesting rock formations in territory that was once inhabited by ancient Native American civilizations. There will stops along the way to view pyroglyphs and rock art that are thousands of years-old. A highlight of the Colorado River Raft Float is the trip through Horseshoe Bend.

Take-Off Point Below Glen Canyon Dam

View of Glen Canyon Dam and Bridge

Rafts Leaving On The Journey

Ready to Begin 15 Mile Raft Trip

Soft Water Rafting on the Colorado River

Views On The Rafting Trip

Views of Marble Canyon Walls

Colorado River Rafting on the way to Lees Ferry

See Horseshoe Bend Rafting from the River

Spectacular Scenery on the Soft Water Raft Journey

Colorado River On The Way To Where The Grand Canyon Begins

Admiring the Views

A Little Song and Strumming Along The Way

Ready For A Picnic On The Beach

Relaxing Time On The Beach

Smooth Colorado River Float Adventure

Colorado River Float Views

Views Along the Colorado River Float

Canyon Wall Views Along the Colorado River Float

Calm Waters Safe For Families

Colorado River Float Beach Picnic

Lush Vegetation Against Rock Formations

Ancient Pyroglyphs On The Canyon Walls

The Navajo Bridge near Lees Ferry c Frank Kovalchek

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