Enjoying Your Time At The Grand Canyon South Rim

Spring At The Canyon (Late April and May)

Expect low 60s to low 70s progressively with lows in the mid to high 30s. Snow has generally melted. Still a bit chilly for shorts. April and May have the lowest average rainfall other than June. Visiting in early spring will beat the summer crowds while having fairly nice cool weather.

What to wear. Typically long pants and long sleeve shirts. Bring a sweat shirt and light jacket or heavy wind breaker. Rain gear is recommended in case of rain. Bring shorts if unusual warm days greet you, particularly in May. Again, warm socks, comfortable walking shoes, and sunscreen.

Summer and Early Fall

June, July and August bring high temperatures in the low to mid 80s. This is the nicest time of year at the canyon rim. June has the lowest average rainfall of the year, but July and August have the most rain at about 2 inches. Summer rainstorms can sneak-up. September has high temperatures in the mid 70s while the average drops to the mid-60s in October.

What to wear. Summer is a great time for shorts. Temperatures can drop quickly approaching evening so bring a wind breaker. and long pants in case. Shorts are generally okay in the summer, but long pants are usually best in October. Rain gear is always handy in case.

Winter At The Grand Canyon (November – Early April)

Magnificent when dusted with snow. But it is cold, rarely reaching a high of 50 degrees F. Lows generally in the teens to low 20s at the top of the rim. Weather can become harsh with heavy snow, wind and icy roads that sometimes lead to closure. Tour itinerary is subject to modification. Serene, tranquil and no big crowds.

What to wear. Dress in layers. Winter jacket, sweatshirt, knit hat, gloves, scarf, warm socks, good walking shoes or boots. Rain gear is recommended. In spite of low temperatures, the sun can be intense so bring sunscreen and put chap stick on your lips.

Average Monthly Climate at the South Rim

Best Time To Tour The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon South Rim is perpetually beautiful at any season. It can be particularly gorgeous covered with winter snow and can even be pretty during a heavy rain. The best time to visit is when you prefer.

March – May. Temperatures are on the rise. Beat the summer crowd.
June – August. Peak season. High temperatures in the low 80s.
September – October. Less crowded. Fall temperatures dropping.
November – February. Cold. Snow. Least busiest season.

What Not To Forget and Preparation

Dress for the season. Dress in layers. Pack lightly.
Necessities. Hat, sunscreen, chap stick, and medicines.
Photography. Camera with extra batteries.
Preferred snacks. We provide snacks, but bring preferred.
Set watches to local time. We want to keep tour on pace.

What Silver Spur Tours Provides

Experience of a lifetime. Great views of the World Wonder.
Guide narrative. Knowledgeable and educational.
On board snacks. Bring your own if preferred.
Bottled water. You need to stay well-hydrated.
Gourmet Sandwich. Your choice. Picnic lunch at the Canyon.
Booster seat. One booster seat is carried in the van.
Rain ponchos. We carry those on board in case of rain.
Throw blankets. A few are carried on board.
Power telescope. Use on some scenic spots.
Binoculars. A couple of sets on board for guest sharing.
First aid kit. For minor injuries only.
Smoothest, comfortable ride. More about our vans.               

Map of The Grand Canyon South Rim