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Monument Valley

Monument Valley on the Navajo Indian Reservation © Mike Koopsen

Monument Valley. The sacred land of the Navajo Nation. Navajo Indian families have lived in Monument Valley for generations. They still practice traditions and cultures of past centuries. The iconic red monoliths, buttes, mesas and spires spread through 0ver 100,000 acres in both Arizona and Utah is the natural beauty and enticement to these well-known landscape attractions. But learning about the Navajo People and their history is as interesting and enjoyable as the visual feast.

Ancient Anasazi Indians inhabited the Monument Valley for over a thousand years, but abandoned the area in about 1300 AD. Many archeologists believe they were the ancestors of the Navajo Indians. Many disagree on when the first Navajos came to Monument Valley, but they have been working the land, herding sheep and creating handmade blankets, crafts and jewelry for hundreds of years.

Monument Valley features spectacular sights and a rich history. Silver Spur will tour you to this magical place on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Tour Monument Valley in the comfort of a Mercedes-built Sprinter touring van. A maximum of 8 guests to guarantee lots of leg room. Soft leather Captain's chairs that recline as you absorb the sights through wide-view windows. The tall guest will appreciate the 6' 3" ceiling height.

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