Monument Valley Arizona Photos

Through The Artistic Eyes of Mike Koopsen

Monument Valley Photos By Mike Koopsen

Monument Valley sets on the Northern border of Arizona with a portion that extends into Southern Utah. Monument Valley is the sacred land of the Navajo Nation. Monument Valley has been the back drop for more movies than any other natural attraction in America. Navajo Indian families have lived in Monument Valley for generations and still practice traditions and cultures of ancient civilizations. The iconic red monoliths, buttes, mesas and spires spread over 100,000 acres.

Ancient Anasazi Indians inhabited the Monument Valley for over a thousand years, but abandoned the area in about 1300 AD. Many archeologists believe they were the ancestors of the Navajo Indians. Many disagree on when the first Navajos came to Monument Valley, but they have been working the land, herding sheep and creating handmade blankets, crafts and jewelry for hundreds of years.

Monument Valley photos are compliments of Mike Koopsen. Fine art prints are available.

Monument Valley Sunset © Mike Koopsen

John Fords Point © Mike Koopsen

Monument Valley © Mike Koopsen

Monument Valley Storm © Mike Koopsen

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