Platinum Series Example Tour

Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend

Day One

Grand Canyon – South Rim

  • Sonoran DesertDesert View Watch Tower courtesy Mike Koopsen Grand CanyonHopi Point Sunsetc Mike KoopsenGrand canyon Village Rim Trail
  • San Francisco Peaks
  • Grand Canyon – South Rim
  • Desert View WatchTower
  • Little Colorado River Gorge
  • Lake Powell
  • Gourmet Lunch, Snacks, and Spring Water
  • All Park Entrance Fees

Your tour will start with VIP pick up in one of our custom Mercedes built touring van at your hotel or residence in Scottsdale or Phoenix.  As we head north we will travel across the Sonoran Desert, here you will see legendary Saguaro Cactus in infinite variations of form and size. Enjoy narration from a professional, knowledgable guide as you learn about the history of ancient tribes, such as the Hohokam and the most feared of all Indians, the Tonto Apache, and how their reign of terror ended at Bloody Basin.  Along the drive to the Grand Canyon you will see a dramatic change in the environment, as you ascend from desert plains to high desert woodlands, notice the changes in the flora from Saguaro to Mesquite and Creosote to Juniper and Pinion Pines to Ponderosa Pine and Sycamore. We will pass through Flagstaff were  you can enjoy views of the San Francisco Peaks, the tallest mountain range in Arizona. Lush green in spring and summer. Golden colors in the fall. Snow-capped during winter. As we approach the west, main entrance to the Grand Canyon we will stop in Tusayan were we can stop at Double Eagle Trading Post.

Our first stop at the Grand Canyon will be Grand Canyon Village. This is the center of action and the historic section. You will have plenty of time to walk along Rim Trail set along the edges of the canyon. Sit on the cliff walls and savor the beauty. Visit Kolb Studio which which is right on the cliff’s edge. Watch the mules descend or arrive at the Bright Angel Trail. Visit Hopi House and you may be lucky to see Indian Dancers perform in native costume. You may see the Grand Canyon Train arrive or depart. Watch closely for the endangered California Condors, the largest bird in America with a wingspan up to 9.5 feet. Grand View and Yavapai Point, depending upon timing and weather, we may choose one or both at the group’s discretion. Both feature amazing views and Yavapai Point includes a geological museum. Proceeding along Desert View Drive, we stop at Moran Point for more photo-taking. From Navajo Point watch the changing colors on the western cliffs as the sun rises. See great views of the Colorado River’s Big Bend. At about 7,500 feet, Navajo Point is the highest point on the Grand Canyon South Rim. At the discretion of the group, we may eat lunch sitting on the wall at Moran Point overlooking the canyon or Navajo Point. Your choice of gourmet sandwich or salad will be picked up on the morning of your tour and kept cool and fresh on board. Relax, Walk around, take photos and savor the visual feast. After lunch we will continue on to Desert View Watch Tower. Built in 1932 as a replica of a prehistoric Indian tower. Climb 70 feet to the top of the tower and experience the incredible views across to Comanche Point and the Colorado River far below. Our last stop is at the Little Colorado River Gorge where you can shop for authentic souvenirs handcrafted by Navajo Indian artisans in an open-air marketplace. You can also walk down and get views of the Little Colorado River as it starts to enter into the Grand Canyon. As we continue on to Page for the evening we will pass through the Navajo Indian Reservation where we will drive along the outskirts of the Painted Desert. When we arrive in Page you will beautiful views of Lake Powell as we take you to your choice of pre-booked lodging.

If you would like a thrill along your tour you can add a 30 minute helicopter ride of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in an EcoStar helicopter.

Lodging Options

For lodging in Page you have several different options to choose from depending on the experience you want:

Local Hotels: There are a lot of nice hotels in the area for you to choose from. Our recommendation is the Courtyard Marriott, it is surrounded by an 18-hole championship golf course and has stunning views of the mountains around Page.

Houseboats: Take your adventure to the water by spending your evenings on a beautiful houseboat located on Lake Powell. You can choose from a wide variety of houseboats ranging from 50′ to 75′ made to accommodate up to 12 people.

Axiom Star Luxury Yacht: If you are spending 5 or more days in the Page area you can have the ultimate in luxury experiences by staying on the Axiom Star 65′ Luxury Yacht made to accommodate 8 people.

Day Two

Antelope Canyon

  • Upper Antelope CanyonLake Powell GunsightHorseshoe BendCourtesy Mike KoopsenCourtesy Mike Koopsen
  • Lower Antelope Canyon
  • Horseshoe Bend
  • Glen Canyon Dam
  • Powell Museum
  • Antelope Point Marina
  • Lake Powell
  • Deli Platter, Snacks, Spring Water


This tour is filled with possibilities and may be customized to spend more or less time at a particular attraction provided the 11 tour hours are not exceeded.

The journey begins with a pick up at your choice of lodging and proceeds directly to Antelope Canyon to try to avoid long lines. Antelope Canyon has been thousands of years in the making, slowly carved and sculpted by wind and water creating amazing shapes, forms, and textures that can be seen in the sandstone today. Consisting of two separate canyons you can choose to visit one or both, for this reason park entry fees are not included in the tour price.

Lower Antelope Canyon, known to the Navajo’s as Hasdeztwazi or “Spiral Rock Arches”, is our most recommended stop. While a little more difficult to walk through it is less traveled and offers spectacular photo opportunities as the suns rays create varying lights and shadows as it moves through the narrow canyon walls.

Upper Antelope Canyon, known to the Navajo’s as Tse’ bighanilini, which means “the place where water runs through rocks.” Here you will walk between the narrow 120 foot tall canyon walls that tower around you as sunbeams pierce through the crevices.

Antelope Point Marina features some of the best views of Lake Powell and is home to “The Point”, the worlds largest floating restaurant. Here, if you would like, you can enjoy a restaurant lunch (price not included) while overlooking and floating on Lake Powell. Antelope Point Marina also offers an impressive marina filled with a variety of different boats ranging from small speed boats  to stunning large houseboats. Entry fees of $8 per person are not included. After lunch we will proceed to  Horseshoe Bend, this popular spot attracts people from all over; however, the walk there is not suitable for everyone. To get to this stunning location you must walk through a 1/4 mile of sand that takes you uphill to the edge of horseshoe bend. Once there you will stand on the edge and see the Colorado River as it wraps 270 degrees around the landscape and winds it’s way into the Grand Canyon. If you look closely you may even see the raft tours as they float down the river. The view from here is so amazing to fully capture it you will need a wide angle lens. Our last stop for the day is Glen Canyon Dam. Harnessing the power of the Colorado River, Glen Canyon Dam was built to provide hydroelectricity and regulate the river flow from the upper Colorado River Basin to the lower. Here you can walk down to the dam and look over both sides or take a tour through the dam (price not included) and learn about what an engineering feat it was to build this dam that controls the waters that created Lake Powell. We will take you back to your choice of lodging in Page to enjoy your evening and rest.

There are several possible add-ons for this tour. You can choose to take your adventure to the air or water. For an air adventure add a 1 hour helicopter tour over Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge with a short landing on Tower Butte. For a water excursion there are several options: you can enhance your Antelope Canyon experience by adding a 1 1/2 hour Antelope Canyon Boat Tour through the hidden canyons that are only accessible by water. You can also choose a 2 1/2 hour boat trip that will take you through the 4 miles of Antelope Canyon that are accessible before it narrows, Navajo Canyon with walls that extend 600 feet above water and the well-known 50/50 wall that extends as far below the water as it does above.

Day Three


  • Cameron Trading PostMontezuma CastleBell Rock Sedona, ArizonaCathedral Rock, Sedona, AZChapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona, AZ
  • Oak Creek Canyon
  • Uptown Sedona & Tlaquepaque
  • Airport Mesa
  • Chapel of the Holy Cross
  • Red Rock Monuments
  • Montezuma Castle
  • Gourmet Lunch, Snacks, Spring Water
  • All Park Entry Fees

For your final day on the Silver Spur Platinum Series we will head to Sedona. Along the drive we will stop at Cameron Trading Post where you can shop a unique combination of Navajo and Hopi artifacts. This is the perfect place to buy Native American rugs, jewelry, artwork, kachinas, and much more. As we drive down the mountain from Flagstaff to Sedona we will drive through Oak Creek Canyon which was ranked as one of America’s Top 5 Most Scenic Drives by Rand McNally. Get beautiful panoramic views of the valley from Vista Lookout Point. As we arrive in Sedona your will see yourself surrounded by stunning red rock mountains. Our first stop is Uptown Sedona, known for its tourist shopping, you are sure to find some great souvenirs. You will see great views of Sedona and its many Red Rock Monuments as we drive through West Sedona and down Dry Creek Road. Indulge in panoramic views as you look down into Sedona from the Airport Mesa overlook. We continue on to Tlaquepaque (pronounced “tla keh pah keh”), meaning the “best of everything”. It is fashioned after a traditional Mexican village and is home to tasteful galleries and unique shops living in harmony under giant Sycamore trees. If shopping is not your “bag”, you can take a stroll along the serene banks of beautiful Oak Creek. We will stop at Chapel of the Holy Cross where you can walk though or sit and enjoy the views in this stunning nondenominational monument of faith. As we leave Sedona you will experience the well known vortexes of Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock. Our final stop will be Montezuma Castle Indian Ruins, an ancient cliff dwelling built by the Sinagua Indians 1000 years ago. Kickback, relax and relive your memories of your eventful days while we head back to Valley of the Sun.

If you don’t want to miss a thing Sedona has to offer you can add a helicopter ride to your tour. There are 3 different helicopter rides to choose from: a 15 minute flight over Sedona where you will get up close and see Sedona’s famous red rocks including Bell Rock, Chapel of the Holy Cross, Submarine Rock, Courthouse Butte, Snoopy Rock, and Bear Wallow Canyon. If you are more interested in the local Indian Ruins you can take a 15 minute flight through the Secret Mountain Wilderness, fly up Secret Canyon to the Mogollon Rim. See Ancient Sinagua Cliff Dwellings as you descend down Boynton Canyon and Long Canyon. This tour shows the 80% of Sedona that you can’t see from the ground. If you can’t decide which tour sounds better combine them for a full 35 minute helicopter tour that shows everything you can see in Sedona from the air.