Tour Postings for Contractors

Contractor Opportunities

Below is a list of available tours for tour guides that have been approved to drive for Silver Spur Tours. Tours are handed out on a first come, first serve basis. If there is a tour you would like, email our office and they will confirm if the tour is yours. All tour dates are guaranteed once they have been confirmed which means if the guest cancels and we are unable to fill another tour in its place the confirmed guide will receive $100.00 for that day.


Upcoming tours that are available will be posted and this page will be updated regularly with new tours.

Available Tours



Contractor Timesheets are due by Monday of the following week. You can email timesheets to or text them to 623-687-6726. You can download the contractor timesheet below:

SST Timesheet

List the tours you are interested in and the office will reply with an email confirmation.




Requested Tours