Silver Spur Platinum Series from Phoenix & Scottsdale

Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend

Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, and Horseshoe Bend pictures courtesy of Mike Koopsen. Colorado River Float picture courtesy of Colorado River Discovery.


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Experience Northern Arizona’s top tourist destinations in the Grand Circle area with a Silver Spur Platinum Series Tour. We will pick you up at your place and take you on a stunning Grand Canyon South Rim Tour that will end in Page, Arizona. From Page you can choose from up to 6 spectacular tour locations, each one is a full day tour. Each tour is a narrative tour that will include local history, folklore, Native American culture, geology, flora and fauna. When deciding where to stay you can choose a local hotel or on a house boat on Lake Powell which will accommodate up to 8 guests comfortably and it includes a full kitchen, gas grill and a hot tub on the top deck lodging in Page, AZ ranges from approximately $125.00 per night in hotels to around $1000.00 per night on a houseboat. The Silver Spur Platinum Tour requires a minimum of 2 nights lodging in the Page area.


Day One

Grand Canyon-South Rim

South Rim Grand Canyon c Mike KoopsenDrive through the world’s largest Ponderosa Pine forest and get views of the San Francisco Peaks as you take your scenic drive to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We will stop at Grand Canyon Village where you can get spectacular views from Kolb Studio and Lookout Studio, visit Hopi house to shop Hopi Indian artifacts, or follow a trail a short ways into the canyon. At the Grand Canyon we will take you through the 25 mile Desert View Drive that takes you along the southern rim. Along this drive we will stop at various overlooks such as Yavapai Observatory Overlook, Mather Point, Moran Point, Lipan Point, or Grand View Point. On the eastern portion of the drive we will stop at the Watchtower where you can climb up over five stories. We will also stop at a Navajo Indian Reservation Trading Post where you can shop and view a wide variety of authentic Indian made jewelry, pottery, art, sculptures, Kachina Dolls, ancient artifacts and other Native American crafts and take in the view of the Little Colorado River. *Park entrance fee, gourmet picnic lunch, snacks, and fresh spring water are included. Guide gratuity, additional meals and lodging are not included.

from $1045.*

  • Possible Tour Add On: North Rim 30 Minute Helicopter Ride for approximately $225.00 per person

Additional Day Destinations

Colorado River Smooth Water Float

Horseshoe BendThis is a narrative tour with a professional, knowledgeable tour guide who will tell you all about history of the native peoples, some geological formations, plant and flora while passing through the Navajo Nation. Your guide will also provide history about the Glenn Canyon Dam and Lake Powell as well as current and recent events along the way. Enjoy a 15.5 mile float trip down the Colorado River as it winds through Glenn Canyon, during the float trip you will experience a short hike where you can view ancient petroglyphs from the Puebloan people. *Park entrance fees, float trip fees, snacks and fresh spring water. Guide gratuity, meals, and lodging are not included

from $1,345.*

 Antelope Canyon

Antelope CanyonDiscover the secrets hidden under the surface of the Navajo Nation as you tour through Antelope Canyon. Lower Antelope Canyon is known to the Navajo’s as Hasdeztwazi or “Spiral Rock Arches”, is our most recommended stop. While a little more difficult to walk through it is less traveled and offers spectacular photo opportunities as the suns rays create varying lights and shadows as it moves through the narrow canyon walls. Upper Antelope Canyon, known to the Navajo’s as Tse’ bighanilini, which means “the place where water runs through rocks.” Here you will walk between the narrow 120 foot tall canyon walls that tower around you as sunbeams pierce through the crevices. When you done at Antelope Canyon you can choose to go on a 1/4 mile hike to Horseshoe Bend where you can see the Little Colorado River make a 270 degree turn as it makes it way to the Grand Canyon. *Includes snacks and fresh spring water. Park entrance fees (approximately $35.00 per person/per canyon), guide gratuity, meals and lodging are not included.

from $945.*

  • Possible Tour Add On: Tower Butte 30 minute Helicopter ride over Lake Powell, Rainbow Bridge, and to the top of Tower Butter where you can walk around and look over the edge. Approximately $250.00 per person

Grand Canyon-North Rim

Grand Canyon-View from the North RimGet away from the crowds and visit the tranquil and remote northern rim of the Grand Canyon. Located about 1000 feet higher than the southern rim, the northern rim is usually only open from about mid-May to mid-October depending on weather and road closures. Even though it is only 11 miles across the Grand Canyon to the southern rim it is a 215 mile drive. This is an excellent view of the Grand Canyon that about only 10% of the people who visit the Grand Canyon get to experience. *Park entrance fee, snacks, and fresh spring water included. Guide gratuity, meals and lodging are not included.

from $995.*

Monument Valley

Monument ValleyLocated on the Navajo Indian Reservation and spans between Northern Arizona and Southern Utah, Monument Valley is considered sacred land. This Valley of Rocks has been sculpted by nature to range in height from 400-1200 feet. The combination of sparsely populated desert, striking placement of the earth’s handiwork, and lack of inhabitants, human and nonhuman alike, have created a wilderness cathedral unlike any other. Monument Valley brings you face to face with the forces of creation, and will leave you in a state of wonder. *Park entrance fee, snacks, and fresh spring water included. Guide gratuity, meals and lodging are not included.

from $945.*

  • Possible Tour Add On: Private Off Road Monument Valley Tour with a local guide for $75.00 per person (additional gratuity for 3rd party guide not included).

Zion National Park

Zion National ParkLocated in Utah, Zion National Park is a stunning destination filled with sculpted canyons and soaring cliffs. We will take you along Zion’s Mount Carmel Highway as it winds up steep switchbacks through the historic Mount Carmel Tunnel and comes out on the eastern side of the park. On Kolob Canyon road you will get spectacular views as it climbs up past the canyons and ends at Timber Creek Overlook. Enjoy an 80 minute shuttle ride that will take you through some of Zion Park’s most stunning views of places such as the Virgin River, Angels Landing, the Great White Throne, Lady Mountain, Heaps Canyon, and the Courtyard of Patriarchs where you will see Abraham, Isaac, and Jacobs Peaks as well as Mount Moroni and the Sentinel. *Park entrance fee, snacks, and fresh spring water included. Guide gratuity, meals and lodging are not included.

from $1045.*

  • Possible Tour Add Ons: 2 hour Back Country Tour for approximately $60.00 per person (additional gratuity for 3rd party guide not included)

Bryce National Park

Bryce National ParkOver millions of years nature has shaped Bryce Canyon National Park to have thousands of carefully carved spires called hoodoos. You can enjoy lunch at the Lodge at Bryce Canyon (not included). We will take you to the Bryce Amphitheater which is surrounded by these unique hoodoos. Along the tour you will also get fabulous views of Thor’s Hammer, Ponderosa Point, Fairyland Point, and Inspiration Point. *Park entrance fee, snacks, and fresh spring water included. Guide gratuity, meals and lodging are not included.

from $1045.*

Last Day

Sedona & Montezuma Castle

Cathedral Rock, Sedona, AZYour last day on the Silver Spur Platinum Tour will take you on a tour of Sedona and Montezuma Castle before returning to Phoenix or Scottsdale. On the way to Sedona we will stop at Cameron Trading Post where you can shop a unique collection of Navajo and Hopi artifacts. Enjoy one of America’s Top 5 Most Scenic Drives as it winds through Oak Creek Canyon.While in Sedona you will view Red Rock Monuments as you drive through Sedona and down Dry Creek Road. Indulge in panoramic views as you look down into Sedona from the Airport Mesa overlook. Walk though the Chapel of the Holy Cross or sit and enjoy the views in this stunning nondenominational monument of faith. Experience the well known vortexes of Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock. You will also visit Montezuma Castle Indian Ruins, which is an ancient cliff dwelling built by the Sinagua Indians 1000 years ago. *Park entrance fee, gourmet picnic lunch, snacks, and fresh spring water are included. Guide gratuity, additional meals and lodging are not included.

from $945.*

  • Possible Tour Add On: Choose from 3 possible helicopter tours over Sedona ranging from 15-35 minutes. Approximate pricing ranges from $125.00-$245.00 per person

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