Touring Antelope Canyon

Photos Through The Lens of Mike Koopsen

Antelope Canyon Arizona Photos By Mike Koopsen

Antelope Canyon. Stunning and mystical. Carved over millions of years. Words fail to describe this ultimate photographer’s dream. A serene and sacred place to the Navajo People. A vibrant underground cathedral of irregular geometrical shapes and color. Every step you take through its winding corridors exposes depths of exquisite contrast and degrees of brilliance. Unimaginable beauty and intrigue As the suns rays gradually change during the course of each day, depth of colors change from very brilliant to pastels of artful significance. Photos of Antelope Canyon by Mike Koopsen capture the beauty of the most photographed slot canyon in America.

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Antelope Canyon c Mike Koopsen

Antelope Canyon c. Mike Koopsen

Antelope Canyon copyright Mike Koopsen

Antelope Canyon cMike Koopsen

Antelope Canyon c.Mike Koopsen

Antelope Canyon by Mike Koopsen

Antelope Canyon copyrightMike Koopsen

Antelope Canyon byMike Koopsen

Antelope Canyon © Mike Koopsen

Antelope Canyon ©Mike Koopsen

Antelope Canyon©Mike Koopsen

AntelopeCanyon © Mike Koopsen

AntelopeCanyon c. Mike Koopsen

AntelopeCanyon c MikeKoopsen

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