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Arizona’s Best Private Tours in Sedona, to the Grand Canyon, Secret Antelope Canyon, and other destinations.


Our favorite single day tours

Discover the best of scenic Arizona with us on these guided private tours.


Our favorite multi day tours

Come and explore with us the fantastic beauty and the most iconic landscapes of the Southwest on an overnight trip.

Grand Canyon and Secret Antelope Canyon 2-day-Tour

This tour shows off some of the most fascinating landscapes that the Southwest has to offer. Marvel at the magnificent work of erosion which has helped carved out the Grand Canyon, stroll through a fascinating - and crowd-less - slot canyon of the Antelope Canyon system that has been shaped into a walk-in artwork by water and wind, and marvel at the stunning Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River from a private overlook.

Sedona and Wine & Grand Canyon 2-day tour

Combine a relaxed exploration of the must-see sights of Sedona´s Red Rock Country with a full-day tour of the geologic wonders of the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon & Secret Antelope & Monument Valley 3-day tour

Visit three of the world-famous wonders of the American Southwest: Grand Canyon, Secret Antelope slot canyon and Horseshoe Bend Overlook - an unforgettable experience, without the crowds!

Sedona, Monument Valley, Secret Antelope Canyon & Grand Canyon 4-day Tour

This is a comprehensive tour of 4 of the most photographed landscapes in Arizona - magnificent mesas, towering buttes, sacred slot canyons, and immense gorges will inspire your spirit.

Sedona, Sinagua Indian Ruins, Monument Valley, Secret Antelope Canyon & Grand Canyon 5-day Tour

The complete Northern Arizona sightseeing experience with a full range of geologic landscapes to explore, Native American history and photo opportunities at every turn. This combines everything in our 5 most popular tours, by staying overnight you have more time to experience each area. Visit the architectural wonder, Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona. Check out galleries of local artisans at Tlaquepaque.

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A group of 7 ladies who have been friends since high school class of 1972 spent a fabulous day with Dwayne to our final destination of Antelope Canyon. We were treated like special guests and given the best tour and information on our way to and from Antelope Canyon. The entire day was magical but was only enhanced by a very special man. Our only regret is we did not take a group photo with him!

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We used Silver Spur Tours for a large family day trip to the Grand Canyon from Sedona. This was everyone's favorite part of our trip to the Sedona area. Dwayne and Karen are outstanding hosts and extremely thoughtful. It was my cousin's birthday and they surprised her with cupcakes. They also had a present for our two-year-old, as well as one of those leashes to keep her from plummeting into the Canyon. Dwayne checked in with me throughout the day to make sure we were happy and all on the same page about the day's events. Truly a great day trip.

Kristin K


Make it your own

Contact us now to build your own tour of your favorite spots, the best sights and the most scenic places in Arizona - all customized to your preferences and only for you.

Fully Customized Experience

At Silver Spur Tours we love what we do. All our tours are at the highest standards, and we aim to make your private trip a memory of a lifetime.

Chris Kelly
Owner at Silver Spur Tours

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